Note - This free potential drug-drug information source is intended for informatics and pharmacovigilance research and is not a drug-drug interaction checking tool! Rather, it provides access to a combined dataset (available via download) that merges together data from more than a dozen different sources (as of January 2018) including several clinically-oriented information sources, Natural Language Processing (NLP) Corpora, and Bioinformatics/Pharmacovigilance information sources. The browsing feature of this site applies to a subset of all available sources. If you want to work with the entire dataset, please download the delimitted text files available under the search form. Please post any questions or requests to our forum on

Please cite the following paper in any publications or presentations that present work that used data from downloaded or accessed from this web site.

Ayvaz S, Horn J, Hassanzadeh O, Zhu Q, Stan J, Tatonetti NP, Vilar S, Brochhausen M, Samwald M, Rastegar-Mojarad M, Dumontier M, Boyce RD, Toward a complete dataset of drug-drug interaction information from publicly available sources, Journal of Biomedical Informatics,doi:10.1016/j.jbi.2015.04.006

A tool to explore potential drug-drug interaction (PDDI) information from publicly available sources

A service provided by the University of Pittsburgh Drug Interaction Knowledge Base (DIKB)

This site will help you explore potential drug-drug interaction information (PDDIs) between two prescription drugs as listed from a subset of publicly available sources. You may download all sources as delimited text files using links below the search form. To browse, enter the drugs you would like to search for, then select the type of sources and type of information you are interested in viewing.

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CredibleMeds [83]
NDF-RT [2606]
ONC-HighPriority [1930]
ONC-NonInteruptive [2101]
French National Formulary (Fr.) [62047]
French National Formulary (Eng. - TESTING) [30901]
Liverpool HIV [19196]
Liverpool HEP [11190]
Bioinformatics- Pharmacovigilance
Drugbank [24099]

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More conservative    Less conservative

More conservative is limited matches between a DrugBank and UNII record to those cases where an exact case-insensitive match was identified for both an InChI identifier and either the drug preferred term or synonym.
Less conservative approach involves a match on InChI key or an exact case-insensitive match of preferred term or a synonym. The latter approach resulted in a greater number of mappings.

Funding Acknowledgements

This project is supported by a grant from the National Library of Medicine: "Addressing gaps in clinically useful evidence on drug-drug interactions" (R01LM011838)

Citations for PDDI sources
Eight of the sources were developed for clinical application Four of the sources were developed to support NLP algorithm development

Five other sources were developed to support either pharmacovigilance or bioinformatics applications.

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